About Dublin Elite Taekwondo

Taekwondo is different for each person. For some people it is a means of self-defense, while others train to stay in shape and lose weight. Taekwondo can be an exciting sport or even a way of life. We at Dublin Elite Taekwondo believe that Taekwondo can be all these things and more. We not only teach Taekwondo as a very effective means of protecting yourself and loved ones, but as a way to put discipline and focus into your life.

Our students learn how to be patient, disciplined, respectful and confident members of society. Dublin Elite Taekwondo expects each of our students to be examples in their communities.

Kids Taekwondo

Traditional and Olympic style Taekwondo. Learn forms, self defense, and basic Judo.

Adult Taekwondo

A traditional Taekwondo curriculum with Kickboxing and Real World Self Defense.

Cardio Kickboxing

a group fitness class that combines martial arts with fast-paced cardio

Small Group Training

Specialized martial arts training in a small group setting.

Our Class Schedule

Little Tigers

Monday and Wednesday


Jr Taekwondo

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


Teen/Mixed Classes

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


Adult Taekwondo

Monday and Thursday


Black Belt Club






Cardio Kickboxing

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday


Holiday Closings for 2018

Memorial Day – May 25th–May 27th, 2018

Independence Day – June 29th-July 8th, 2018

Labor Day – August 31st-September 3rd, 2018

Thanksgiving – November 22nd–November 25th, 2018

Christmas and New Years – December 21st-January 6th, 2018

Our Trainers

Our Programs

Little Tigers

(4-6 yrs)

This is an introduction to Taekwondo, it is a half hour of fun drills and obstacle courses which develop balance, coordination and agility.

Jr. Taekwondo

(6-9 yrs)

This class consist of traditional and Olympic style Taekwondo. We teach forms, which helps with focus and concentration. Self defense and basic Judo.

Teen/Mixed Class

(10+ yrs)

This class teaches the same traditional and Olympic style Taekwondo, but focuses on more difficult techniques and is a more intense training.

Adult Taekwondo

Consists of a traditional Taekwondo curriculum as well as Kickboxing and Real World Self Defense (a mix of Judo and Hapkido training).

Cardio Kickboxing

Make it worth it! $10 per class

Private One on One Training

Private training to take your training to the next level.

Small Group Training

Specialized martial arts training.


4 Week Trial Offer – $99

Mention this offer when you sign up to get your first month of Taekwondo for $99. Offer includes a Free Uniform and T-Shirt.