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Dublin Elite Taekwondo

Taekwondo is different for each person, for some people it’s a means of self-defense, while others it is nothing more than an exercise to stay in shape and lose weight. Taekwondo can be an exciting sport or even a way of life. At Dublin Elite Taekwondo, we believe it can be all that and more. We not only teach Taekwondo as a very efficient means of protecting yourself and loved ones but as a way to put discipline and focus into your life.

Our students learn how to be patient, disciplined, respectful and confident members of society. We expect each of our students to be examples in their communities. We teach our young students to value and respect their parents, elders, teachers and those in authority. They are expected to take their education seriously and get good grades. Our students of all ages are expected to be good, honest people treating everyone with respect and courtesy. With the skills and power learned in Taekwondo comes the responsibility to live by this creed.

Meet Our Instructors

Master Don Buchanan 4th Degree Black Belt
Stephen Lenker 2nd Degree Black Belt
Senior Instructor
Saniya Singhvi 1st Degree Black Belt
Rohan Patil 1st Degree Black Belt
Aarna Singhvi 1st Degree Black Belt
Shourya Saran 1st Degree Black Belt
Rithvick Aravind 1st Degree Black Belt
Surya Kolluri 1st Degree Black Belt

About Master Don

Master Don Buchanan is a US Marine Corps Veteran, serving from 84 – 88. This is where he started his Martial Arts Training. He is currently a Certified 4th-degree black belt Master Instructor in Taekwondo who has been teaching children from age 3 to adults of all ages for more than 20 years.